06 Nov 2023

Jusour's Meeting with Government & Semi- governmental Agencies

The Qatari Manpower Solutions Company (Jusour) organized a workshop and introductory meetings about the services provided by the company and its future initiatives, in the presence of 30 governmental and semi-governmental agencies and business incubators, in addition to its partners from various entities.

The meeting aims to consolidate cooperation in the areas of joint work between the two sides and introduce the company, its future vision, and mission, in addition to the programs and services provided by Jusour Company.

During the workshop, company officials gave a visual presentation with the aim of introducing and providing a general idea about the various aspects related to the company and its various programs, which are concerned with stimulating and stimulating the labor market in the State of Qatar, by attracting an effective and committed workforce that contributes to economic development efforts in priority sectors and achieving Strategic national development goals in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

For his part, Engineer Abdul Hadi Bakhit Burgan, CEO of the Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. “Jusour,” said: The company provides a set of qualitative services that serve job seekers and various employers and employs advanced digital technologies to provide its services.

Engineer Burgan highlighted the company’s programs, which include many initiatives, including “Sahem” program for university students and graduates of universities and higher education institutions in Qatar, in addition to the “Mustaqel” program, which seeks to supply the Qatari labor market with new workers with talent and skills. Creative, innovative, and entrepreneurs from inside and outside the country. In addition, the mechanism for approving some of the initiatives’ requirements was discussed with the government sector and the private sector.

Engineer Abdul Hadi Burgan also reviewed the nature of work, the projects implemented, and the services provided to the groups benefiting from the company’s programs.

The workshop concluded by opening the door to questions and suggestions from the attendees, who enriched the meeting with their suggestions and questions.

It is noteworthy that “Jusour” is a private joint stock company wholly owned by the government of the State of Qatar, and its board of directors includes several entities:  Ministry of Labor,  Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Qatar University, Qatar Airways, Al Jazeera Media Network, and the Qatar Chamber.


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