01 Feb 2024

Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour) and Tajikistan Embassy Forge Strategic Partnership to Boost Foreign Recruitment

n a collaborative venture with the Ministry of Labor, Mr. Abdulhadi Barqan, the CEO of Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour), welcomed His Excellency Mr. Khusrav Sabzada, the Ambassador of Tajikistan to Qatar, to the company's headquarters. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss key initiatives aimed at strengthening collaboration between Jusour and the Overseas Employment Agency in Tajikistan.

Throughout the discussions, Mr. Barqan and Ambassador Sabzada explored various pivotal areas geared towards enhancing the partnership between Jusour and Tajikistan's overseas employment endeavors. The discussions also delved into the implementation and acceleration of procedures to attract qualified Tajik professionals to Qatar.

Mr. Barqan emphasized Jusour's commitment to stimulating the Qatari job market, creating a conducive environment for foreign labor, streamlining recruitment procedures, and actively contributing to their development. This collaborative effort involves working closely with various companies and sectors within the country.

The meeting underscored the shared commitment to fostering fruitful collaborations that benefit both nations and contribute to the advancement of the labor markets in Qatar and Tajikistan.


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