15 Feb 2024

Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour) Engages with Students at Texas A&M University Career Fair

tar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour) proudly participated in the professional exhibition hosted by Texas A&M University at its Qatar Foundation headquarters on Thursday. The event witnessed the active involvement of numerous institutions and companies from diverse sectors across the country.

Jusour's participation in this exhibition underscores its commitment to providing opportunities for students and engaging with them directly. This initiative aims to familiarize students with Jusour's programs and objectives, recognizing them as the nucleus of society and the builders of tomorrow.

The exhibition serves as a valuable platform for students and graduates from various fields and disciplines to gain insights into the Qatari job market and its requirements. It emphasizes the process of integration, focusing on their academic experiences and practical skills to help them navigate their future career paths successfully.

Such encounters also provide entrepreneurs and companies with the opportunity to attract numerous talented students and graduates possessing exceptional qualifications and academic achievements.


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