02 Mar 2024

Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour) Takes Center Stage at Web Summit Qatar 2024

Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. "Jusour" actively participated in the inaugural edition of the 2024 Web Summit in the Middle East and Africa, which was hosted by the State of Qatar. The primary objective of Jusuor's participation was to attract thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, and global technology leaders.

In line with this initiative, Engineer Abdulhadi Bakhit Barqan, the CEO of “Jusour," unveiled the company's new website in the presence of several entrepreneurs and investors who participated in the summit.

The newly launched website offered a range of services and programs aimed at stimulating the job market, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs, and showcasing talent. Additionally, Jusour sponsored the "PITCH" competition, exclusive to startups at the 2024 Web Summit. Participating companies presented their ideas and strategies to a judging panel consisting of founders of leading global companies.

As part of its engagement schedule, Jusour, represented by its CEO and Mr. Ibrahim Al Mulla, Acting Chief Operating Officer, conducted two workshops titled "Shaping Qatar's Innovative Future."

During the Web Summit 2024, Jusour presented a series of impactful programs, including the "Sahem" initiative designed to offer part-time employment opportunities for currently enrolled students in accredited universities and educational institutions in Qatar. The company also introduced a service for extending the residence permits of graduates.

Jusour was committed to bridging the gap between academics and the job market, providing valuable services for students and entrepreneurs through a platform that enhanced their professional journey. This aligned with the country's vision of advancing towards a knowledge-based economy.

It is noteworthy that Qatar held the top position in the Arab world for entrepreneurship, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index. Moreover, the country ranked eighth globally among the most visa-friendly nations, facilitating international openness and collaboration.


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