14 Mar 2024

Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour) and Mada Collaborate to Enhance Inclusive Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour) has signed a collaborative agreement with “Mada” – Qatar Assistive Technology Center, aimed at enhancing the integration of persons with disabilities into the workforce as active contributors. The partnership seeks to build the capacity of human resources professionals in the private sector regarding the inclusion of employees with disabilities, developing their essential skills to be active individuals in the workplace. Additionally, it entails assessing their needs and referring them to Mada Center, particularly regarding assistive technology devices and programs.

The agreement includes the provision of a series of programs and workshops to raise awareness among private sector employees about the importance of digital access and the concept of assistive technology. This initiative aims to ensure the independence of persons with disabilities within the work environment and to make their employment more inclusive by enabling them to perform their daily job tasks through the provision of necessary technological support.

The signing of this agreement aligns with Mada's vision of digital inclusivity and its pivotal role in achieving comprehensive accessibility for all segments of society, including persons with disabilities. It plays a significant role in facilitating access and empowering persons with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of life, ensuring their rights to employment and engagement in the workforce with freedom and independence. This collaboration emphasizes the creation of an inclusive environment that enables them to perform their work tasks, achieve their professional goals, and contribute to their communities and country.

Ms. Amani Al- Tamimi, Acting Chief Executive Officer, stated that Mada's commitment to digital inclusivity and Qatar's obligations under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, particularly Articles 9 and 21, underscore the importance of empowering persons with disabilities to live independently and participate fully in all aspects of life. Therefore, Mada and Jusour have jointly signed this agreement to achieve integration, enhance employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, and assist them in serving their communities and country.

Eng. Abdulhadi Bakhit Barqan, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour), emphasized the importance of the collaboration agreement with Mada, aiming to provide comprehensive employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in the private sector. Through this agreement, Jusour aims to offer integrated solutions by providing training, capacity building through assistive technology, consultations, and policies. Moreover, raising awareness about digital access enables employees with disabilities to efficiently perform their tasks.

Jusour is committed to integrating persons with disabilities into the Qatari labor market by providing employment opportunities in the private sector through the "Saham" initiative, which allows them to apply for jobs on the Jusour platform. A specialized team will handle their applications to ensure inclusivity in the workforce.

In line with its expertise, Mada, as a center of excellence in Arabic digital accessibility, will collaborate with Jusour according to a specific action plan to ensure inclusivity, digital access, and the participation of persons with disabilities in the private sector. This collaboration will implement best practices and digital accessibility standards.


About Mada: Founded in 2010 as an initiative to promote digital inclusivity and build a technologically accessible community for persons with disabilities, Mada has evolved into a global center of excellence in Arabic digital accessibility. It contributed to Qatar ranking first globally in the DARE Index 2020 by G3ict, a United Nations Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies. Mada works through strategic partnerships to empower the education sector for comprehensive education, make society more inclusive through information and communication technologies, and enhance employment opportunities, professional development, and entrepreneurship for persons with disabilities.

About Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour): As a wholly owned private shareholding company of the Qatari government, Jusour aims to be a key driver in the Qatari labor market and a leader in effective partnerships, providing endless opportunities for development and innovation. It contributes to achieving Qatar's National Vision 2030 by balancing innovations and achievements that enhance human capacities and economic growth in Qatar.



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