24 Apr 2024

Qatar Manpower Solution Co. (Jusour) Engages at Al Rayyan International University College Career Fair

Qatar Manpower Solution Co. (Jusour) recently took part in a dynamic career fair hosted by Al Rayyan International University College.

The primary objective of Jusour's participation was to acquaint students and attendees with the company's wide array of programs and services, all tailored to enhance Qatar's job market landscape.

In collaboration with its esteemed partners, Jusour spearheads numerous impactful initiatives aimed at seamlessly bridging the gap between university students, recent graduates, and prospective employers.

Of notable mention is the Saham program, a pioneering endeavor facilitating part-time employment opportunities within Qatar's private sector, accessible to all enrolled students. Furthermore, Jusour extends avenues for residency extension to graduates hailing from local universities and higher education institutions, alongside inclusive employment offerings for individuals with disabilities in the private sector.

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to national initiatives, Jusour channels efforts towards investing in human capital, thus fostering diversity and propelling economic expansion within Qatar's dynamic job market.


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